The Golden Soldiers and Parents to Parents become ELI Project

In 2015 the Presleys and Turners met after Lindsey was featured on a talk show in Atlanta. At the time the Presleys were running an organization in Wales, United Kingdom called Parents 2 Parents and the Turners were running an organization in Atlanta, Georgia(USA) called The Golden Soldiers. The Presleys were visiting in order to fundraiser for their organization before moving back to Wales. Parents 2 Parents and The Golden Soldiers were very similar organizations in that they provided services and events to families with special needs.

The Presleys and Turners became great friends and spent the better part of 2015 getting to know one another, planning and hosting events together in the Atlanta area and began discussing plans to host an event in Wales. While sitting around a coffee table one morning the Presleys and Turners were chatting how great it would be if they could continue to work together after the Presleys returned to Wales. The Presleys shared an idea for an organization called ELI Project, because Every Life’s Important. At that moment the Turners and Presleys decided to combine their two organizations and create ELI Project as an official global organization.

ELI Project is a compassion-driven, non-profit organization that serves families with special needs by providing a safe environment where parents and siblings can freely interact with others who have a loved one with special needs. ELI Project was founded on two biblical principles: Love people and Comfort others. We believe God comforts us in our challenges, and we can comfort those around us experiencing challenges with the same comfort God has given us. We want you to know that your life is valuable! No matter your race, belief, age, ability, or need…Every Life’s Important!

ELI Project will host similar events as The Golden Soldiers and Parents to Parents and continue to provide the same great service and quality you have experienced over the past eight years. We look forward to becoming a global organization and we hope you will join us on this journey.