Michael Bublé’s Epic Message to 6-year-old Fan with Autism

Griffin’s aunt posted the video to YouTube with this description:

Griffin is a 6 year old boy with severe Autism who lives in Calgary, AB. He has a passion for music, and has acquired an incredible love for Mr. Buble. He asks for ‘Michael Buble’ throughout the day, and his therapists use Mr. Buble’s videos as rewards for good work. 

Griffin goes to YouTube several times a day, types in Buble, and picks his favourite videos. He sleeps with Buble playing all night, and his therapists and parents have discovered that his music is incredibly calming when Griffin is overwhelmed or needs a sensory break. Mr Buble’s music, and performances, truly speak to this remarkable little boy and has added so much to his life.

When Michael Bublé heard about this young man, he recorded this special message and song. What a class act he is!! Thank you Mr. Buble for adding so much magic into Griffin’s life.

Message to Michael Bublé from Griffin’s Family

I am pretty sure most of us have, at some point or another, day-dreamt about our favourite musical artist and what it would be like to meet them.  Or perhaps you’ve even gone a step further and dreamt the improbable dream that said artist would ever write and perform a song made just for you.

For our son, Griffin, that seemingly impossible moment came true when a special song landed in our inbox, performed by none other than Michael Bublé himself.  We were excited beyond belief.  Wiping away tears and trying to speak through our breathless laughter, we brought Griffin to the table to watch his special video.

Let me interject that our son has watched every Michael Bublé video we have found—numerous times—so in his mind, nothing was out of the ordinary when he sat to watch as he had many times before.

When the song began and he heard his name, “Griffin,” he immediately smiled from ear to ear.  He was captivated.  Once it was finished, with the smile still on his face, he quietly got up from the table and left the room.

Processing Time

It didn’t take long before he was requesting the song, “Michael Buble Piano?”  Although he can’t put it into words, his giggles, hand flapping and squeals of glee are a sure sign that he feels special.  Music is how Griffin relates to the world and in those difficult moments when his senses are overloaded by his environment, music is what grounds him and gives him peace.  It lights a fire in him and engages his curiosity.  It’s how he falls asleep at night and the first thing he asks for in the morning.  And this special gift from Mr. Buble means so much more than any of us can even realize.

So even though Michael Bublé already has millions of screaming fans and an already incredibly successful career, he took a few minutes to give a very special gift to one small boy & his family which will have lasting memories.