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Support ELI Project
Further enhance our mission to serve families who have a loved one with special needs.
Sponsor a child to attend an event.
Sponsor a child to attend one of our events, where they will experience fun, joy, and a ton of love.
Sponsor a family to attend an event.
Sponsor a family to attend one of our events, where they can make lasting memories.
Sponsor a Connect Group
ELI Project Connect Groups meet once a month for dinner, a cup of coffee, or a fun social outing. Your donation will sponsor a monthly connect group.
Support our Global Initiatives
ELI Project has a location in Georgia, USA and Wales, UK. Your donation will help create more locations around the world.
Sponsor an Event
ELI Project hosts four large annual events. Your donation helps make these events possible for the hundreds of families that attend.

Host a House Concert

Create an intimate experience of Limitless Love, Light, and Giving. Billboard charting singer-songwriter John Stringer has teamed up with ELI Project to offer House Concert Fundraisers. House concerts are by far, the most fun, intimate, rewarding, and memorable concerts to be a part of.

Learn More About Hosting a House Concert

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors are critical in helping us provide services and events for families with special needs. Join a charity that will help make a difference in creating an inclusive society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is treated with love and acceptance. To inquire about becoming a sponsor please email sponsor@eliproject.org

Oil Changes for ELI Project

MIDTOWN TIRE/GOODYEAR in Acworth will be donating 100% of the proceeds of all oil changes (retail customers only, not fleet) to ELI Project on the 3rd Thursday of every month!

Take care of your car while taking care of ELI Project. Midtown Tire will be doing this great event every 3rd Thursday of the month. Getting your oil change will now help a family with special needs go to the movies, attend BIG DAY OUT, play baseball and more!  Please support ELI Project and get your oil changed at Midtown Tire!

Learn More About Oil Changes for ELI Project

Other Ways to Give

You can give in person at any of our events, or mail a check to:

ELI Project
PO Box 89
Marietta, GA 30061