TeamLab’s Interactive Digital Art Experience

July 10, 2016
10:00am - 12:00pm
ELI Project has set up a private event at TeamLab’s Interactive Digital Art Experience. You are invited to attend on July 10th at 10AM. This is before the exhibit opens to the public, so we could have the chance to enjoy the attraction in a quieter, less crowded environment. All guests will receive the discounted group rate prices ($6 kid, $10 adult).
Mall of Georgia
Event Details

TeamLab Future Park focuses on promoting collaborative experiences for children through creativity and play. Guests can explore a digital playground through seven different living “works,” which use technology to nurture individual creative freedom within cooperative environments. With hands-on participation as the foundation of each work, children are encouraged to engage with each other and with the art itself to create a combined visual masterwork as part of a larger team. Utilizing technology’s capacity to promote education and influence relationships, teamLab Future Park emphasizes pattern recognition, tactile learning, spatial perception and the importance of teamwork.

The seven immersive works include:

  • Sketch Aquarium: This installation explores the magic beneath the waves in a digitally-rendered aquatic world. A favorite among all ages, the immersive Sketch Aquarium  allows guests to create drawings of sea creatures and watch them come to life in a virtual ocean. This dynamic artwork constantly grows and evolves as more visitors draw and add different images of sea creatures. The busy sea creatures swim around and interact with each other, and guests can even feed them by touching fish food bags on the screen.
  • Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses: This immersive work  is a fun game of discovery that tests the skills and imagination for guests of all ages. Attendees are invited to design their own customised hopscotch game in this installation by arranging circles, triangles and squares on an electronic tablet. These shapes are then projected onto the floor. When children land on the same shapes in succession, they will trigger beautiful colors and sounds that reverbrate throughout the space. Special connections exist between the shapes – guests will have to practice playing the game to discover what they are.
  • Sketch Town: Sketch Town encourages adults and children alike to cooperate and inspire one another to meet the challenges of this urban setting installation. Sketch Town, a shared space, allows guests to create their own town landmarks by coloring paper drawings of buildings, cars, planes and even fantastical vehicles like spaceships and UFOs in a morphing town that grows and evolves. Children can interact with the townscape by touching individual components to alter their behavior.
  • Sketch Town Papercraft: Guests can turn their 3-D Sketch Town crayon drawings of cars and buildings into papercraft patterns. By assembling the patterns, their pictures are transformed into an original 3-D papercraft model to take home and enjoy.
  • A Table Where Little People Live: This installation features an interactive tabletop with “little people.” Children can sit or stand around the table, and they are encouraged to interact with the little people by placing objects on the screen. As each object is introduced, the movements of the little people change, causing them to jump, climb and even slide.
  • Light Ball Orchestra: Guests of all ages use beachball-sized globes of multicolored light and sound as instruments in this electrifying, one-of-a-kind orchestra. Attendees can touch any ball to change the color and sound of the balls around it, creating a resonating effect throughout the dazzling environment. Children and adults will enjoy creating a playful and dynamic space with other visitors, as their participation with the Light Ball Orchestra sends out ripples in different directions to interact with each other. Guests will work together by pushing, bouncing and rolling the balls to continuously change the composition, color and sound of the orchestra.
  • Connecting! Train Block: This installation allows attendees to design their own transportation network. Guests will first use physical wooden blocks to design and connect an evolving system of roads, rivers and railways to keep the ever-increasing traffic flowing smoothly. Then, as more blocks are connected on the table, more cars and trains appear, forming a bustling townscape. Children can play and interact by placing the blocks in different positions to create a town collaboratively with other guests.

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